Caucasus International University


21 years ago, everything seemingly utopian idea started! In 1995, when the country was a serious social and political background, a man’s idea became a reality and the higher education system has emerged in higher education, which in ten years has become one of the most successful and powerful university. Increasing the quality of the teaching staff, the faculty of developing the capacity to support, which is logically followed by a rapid increase in the number of students. 2005-2007 years, the university for the first time successfully passed the institutional accreditation. In 2012, the university program for 5 years has been granted accreditation, as well as a 5-year term at the authorization and the higher education institution – university status, which means that the Caucasus International University (CIU) to study the three-step ahead and of students to the limit of 3500-defined.

Education Quality Development Center on July 14, 2015 Council authorization granted CIU statement. According to the decision, a contingent of 4700 (four thousand seven hundred) students determined.

CIU carries bachelor, single-level (in Georgian, Russian and English), masters and doctoral programs.

Caucasus International University has received plenty of changes. Introduced a number of scientific innovation, has developed structures and trends. University being constantly and being a learning process, as well as management development and refinement.

For years, CIU, the first priority of the student employment program. Focus is on the learning process of young people with special professional skills and knowledge of the perfect.

CIU is constantly being such a search process in which the cooperation between our students and the scientific-academic staff allows, to learn about the activities of the international partners in the commercial and cultural parties; Successful students are given the chance to continue their studies at partner universities.

2012-2013 in the Caucasus International University has joined another new building, which completely meets the standards of the modern university. European standard classrooms, a library, café, sports halls and courtyard garden of the best learning environment.

In order to prepare qualified specialists, the University of innovative teaching methods, is being modified and updated programs; A new educational programs and training courses, introduced news, functioning educational and research laboratories. All of the educational programs of the university’s international recognition and the basis for the euro in her. Modern current technological devices to hold video conferences, introduce distance learning, training and research centers around the world with a direct connection allows.

Improve the quality of university teaching and proper attention to the students’ opinions into consideration. Young people are actively involved in the process of academic evaluation.

Students’ professional skills contributes to modern literature and e-tech library fund. University of Georgia has close contacts with the international organizations, government agencies and private companies. “Invited guest” of the program the students have the opportunity to build up contacts in politics, business and non-governmental organizations, which contribute greatly to their employment. Choose areas of study and research of the students complete freedom granted. They have created an effective self-government authority. Academic staff and students determine the active participation of the University teaching and research priorities.

CIU base since 2009 quarterly peer-reviewed, peer-reviewed scientific journal trilingual “Caucasus International University Herald”, which published the CIU, also on the outside of the leading scientists; Since 2011 the university has added yet another periodic quarterly, the newspaper “Caucasus International University”, which is informational and recreational in nature and reflect the CIU daily scientific, cultural and educational life. University students university also publishes the magazine.

Over the years, the University has joined a number of international partner universities, which further contributed to the CIU integration into the world education system.

Caucasus International University is equipped with modern infrastructure and facilities, the international educational space integration and constant updating of a higher educational institution.

CIU one of the main capital of decent shots and correct cooperation scheme. University of traditional, classical sense of the administration, faculty, students and graduates of the strategic partnership oriented corporation. For her valuable knowledge and high moral principles of democratic and humanitarian ideals into practice, political liberalism and the promotion of cultural heritage.

Caucasus International University is based on Gelati and Ikalto oldest educational traditions. Also, European higher education and scientific research methods. CIU confirms the commitment of the European educational environment for the development of the main directions, which are reflected in the fundamental principles of the Bologna process and the Copenhagen Declaration. At the same time, pays special attention to the Caucasus, the Caucasus and interested students.


Caucasus International University is a higher educational institution , whose mission is to provide undergraduate , master’s and doctoral levels :

  • Carry modern national and international standards of educational policy;
  • The creation of the best student-centered learning and research environment;
  • To prepare highly qualified and competitive specialists;
  • They develop convergent, divergentul thinking based on values.

Set the mission for the implementation of the basic goals :

  • Take a worthy place in a free and democratic society in the university;
  • Develop and implement educational programs at all three levels of higher education;
  • To promote international educational and research relationships;
  • Provide faculty academic freedom;
  • Prepare national, regional and international labor market oriented, competitive and highly qualified personnel.

The mission and the main objectives to achieve the University’s objectives are :

  • Scientific research and new knowledge to facilitate implementation;
  • Educational process of innovative development;
  • International scientific / academic cooperation and student mobility;
  • Research centers and the promotion of research projects for the development and implementation;
  • Students and professors of professional development;
  • Potential employer as a close relationship;
  • International projects involve students and staff;
  • Continuing education principles.

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