Northern State Medical University


The north state medical university was found during 1932 making remarkable history by giving training to become the best medical practitioner. This university in Russia is recognised worldwide for its most advanced medical education. A university which ensures high quality education with the best mbbs training facility in Russia. Worldwide recogimition from MCI,WHO as well as ECFMG is given to Northern state medical university in Russia. The international collaboration helps the mbbs students get better exposure to experience the most advanced medical learning procedures.

Northern State Medical University Courses

The mbbs education in Russia has wide set of faculties available with the best set of experience. The college in Russia has almost 9000 students currently enrolled in multiple faculties who are from different countries too. The Northern state medical university which has 980 expert staff out of which 394 are into training. The medical crew has a total of 80 professors with greater practical knowledge and experience and 250 phD seekers. The courses are many some of which are general medicine, pediatric, nursing, pharmaceutical, post graduate education etc. Another specialty of the university is the most updated mbbs syllabus in Russia with the best medical professionals available to valuate them.


The best thing about the university is the most advanced facilities provided to the students as well as the staff to provide quality education. The renovated building and most modern facilities makes northern state medical university the best university in Russia. The university building is equipped with modern aids giving a student a realistic approach to become the best medical practitioner. A well planned and trendy way of training makes the mbbs education the best.

Course Benefits

Advantage of medical course in Russia are huge mainly due to the international collaboration bestowed by the university. Study abroad online help the students to pursue their dream and be a part of Russia’s top University. The health care system needs much progressive and innovative learners, at northern state medical university we have 55 types of departments spread across the best hospitals in Russia. The mbbs Students who completed their education from our university has got huge set of opportunities and are widespread acrops the whole world. The study abroad online helps to achieve a dream were a student get the best education in the country. Many students has also pursuing phD after thier successful mbbs education in different countries around the world. The count of international students are growing at a exponential level due to the high standardised educational university where quality education is given.

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