Sri Manakula Vinayagar medical College and Hospital, Kalitheerthalkuppam, Madagadipet, Puducherry in order to serve mankind with a quality medical treatment, to educate the rural people about health and its importance and above all to provide an excellent and hi-tech medical education to the young citizens.

Sri Manakula Vinayaga Educational Trust was formed with the objective of imparting quality technical education, medical education and other relevant field of education especially to the weaker section of the society.

The Trust is sponsoring the colleges with the state of art facilities and modern technologies for making our students employable as well as to become successful entrepreneurs. We are running all the colleges in the highest order of discipline among the students and personally take care of their studies, successful completion of the course. We take utmost care about student future and also believe that they all are our customers.

All the colleges have got highest order of discipline, won the reputation and opinion of public and industrialists. That is the success of our institutions which makes us to be a leader in Education.

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