Sri Venkateswaraa Medical College, Hospital & Research Centre, Pondicherry

Objectives :

Providing high class facilities and services in all specialities and later on to develop super specialities. Providing “state of the art” equipments / facilities to enable the doctors to utilize their skills and expertise for the benefit of the people. Create excellent infrastructures for medical education and right atmosphere to study.

Vision :

The Ramachandra Educational Trust was started with the sole ambition of inculcating into the hearts of people the necessity and importance of education. Values so necessary and important to the humanity is education. Education is not just sitting in the four walls of the classroom and being taught some pages of a book but it involves both the teacher and the student. An aspiring human being guided by a well learned Guru, both together putting forth what knowledge already exists and what lies hidden in the inner depths of the student and teacher. Together we want to march forward to create an ideal world wherein equality of all varieties exists.

The main theme is to impart knowledge through Education. Mainly Medical. The ambitions of the trust are set forth on the basis of the great visionaries of the world who had dedicated their entire lives for the upliftment of humanity.
To serve the people with a highly updated hospital and latest equipments to enable the poor and the rich to avail of good medical care. In the process to create more Doctors through good Education.

Create a model symbiosis of medical care, medical education and medical research. Prevent illness and maintain functionality and quality of life. Educating the rural people about health and its importance. Promote a rich relationship between people, Doctors and Students so as to increase the feeling of being recognized, wanted and caring.

Mission :

Providing the best treatment to the masses both rich and poor giving importance to preventive care. Providing quality education in medical, para-medical and nursing. Providing state of the art facilities with sophisticated equipments and education for the benefit of people of all classes. Treat everyone with respect, dignity and equality. Foster teamwork in all facets of education and medical care.

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