Study mbbs in Georgia

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About Georgia

A location where education is given top priority with the best mbbs colleges and universities available. Owing to higher literacy rates and quality education, Georgia seems to be the best choice with the most equipped and talented professionals. The reason why students prefer to study MBBS in Georgia is that the medical universities here are certainly the premium and the best choice for any student who is interested in studying medicine and hopes for a career into it.

Medicine is one such branch that is considered the toughest amongst all other preparations, now with Georgia’s medical universities you need not put in such huge efforts, costs and time for the preparation of the medical entrance exams. In India, you have less chances to get best colleges. Thus pursuing MBBS in Georgia is one of the best choices and Indian students can get the best guidance from study abroad consultants in India.
The tremendous advantage of studying medicine in Georgia is that you do not have to sit for any entrance test. we at the best study abroad consultancy just verifies the marks you gained at 12th grade. No sooner you complete your degree just apply for a screening test to get a license to practice. If you make into it, you get the MCI registration. Georgia, a european country rich with educational institutions and exceptional  training by experts, makes your journey to secure a successful medical profession easier.  The reason why students prefer to study MBBS in Georgia is that the medical universities here are certainly the premium and the best choice for any student who is interested in studying medicine and hopes for a career into it.

Education in Georgia

Being the largest country of Europe in terms of area, there exists 100% literacy in Georgia. This shows that Georgia is economically advanced country, and is an outsourcing area for all sorts of education. Georgia is said to be the cheapest and the best country for availing education in the entire European continent. From all fields of education ranging from medicine to engineering, Georgia can be the most apt choice for your higher education need.

Georgia the education state

Georgia comes to mind at once when you are planning to take up your higher education in Europe. English is the medium of teaching here at all the academic institutes even when Georgian is the official language and Russian is also widely used. The prevalence of English makes it easier for the international students to have a better environment in the country.

The foreign ministry of the country of Georgia has mentioned an exceptional clause related to the admission of foreign nationals to its state universities. It is a “clause about admission of foreigners and persons without citizenship for training in institutions of higher education”. This is a very wide clause that very well mentions out the important and the mandatory points that needs to be kept in mind for applying to admissions in the Georgian state boards and universities.

There are different bachelor’s and master’s degree programs run by the Georgian government as well as private funded universities. As similar to the UGC in India there exists a bologna process and a European Higher education area that governs the standards of these Georgian universities. The European higher education area assures the compatibility of the degree obtained from any Georgian university is similar to the degree obtained from any other European countries.

The biggest advantage of availing a degree at Georgia

The degree you avail is equivalent to those produced by the France and German universities. By taking higher education in Georgia you are easily able to cut upon the living cost as and the other miscellaneous costs that are incurred in your higher education.

The interested students are suggested to consult us so as that they are able to land up in the most appropriate academic institute for their higher studies in medicine.

Study MBBS in Georgia


A large country which gives higher priority for education having good literacy rate and which has a stable economy. Study abroad agency becomes a mediator to fulfill your dream with the best colleges and universities available in Georgia. Study abroad consultancy in India no so why does scope of possibility available in Georgia for medical stream at a much lower fees by giving them scholarship and additional benefits. Study abroad consultancy has the best choice of colleges available for not only in the medical stream but gives the cheapest and most affordable rates. Even though Georgian and Russian are widely used languages, most educational instructions follow English,the internationally accepted language as a medium. Using English as a language makes a better acceptance for different cultures of students to successfully interact and engage as per University environment. European Higher education area that governs the standards of these Georgian universities works on certain norms and regulations to study abroad in Georgia.Selection to the best colleges in Georgia is through study abroad agency who can become your guide for a better future.


A chance to be skillful by enrolling to the top universities and pursue your dreams by contacting the best consultancy.MBBS in Georgia run different programs by the government as well as private funded institutions which is highly recognised not only in Georgia but also to the entire European countries. The best thing about studying in Georgia through the best study abroad consultancy is that the cost of living is comparatively less than France and Germany and the degree obtained is similar to those countries. Get yourself into the best education institution and secure your career by joining the best study abroad consultancy, as we build a path to a brighter future.Be a successful medical practitioner by opting the best study abroad agency and become a medical practitioner by clearing a screening test of MCI. The Medical council of India put forward a registration test to become a medical professional which could easily be passed after getting a MBBS degree from Georgia and writing the screening test .


The students who seek admission in international universities are obligatory to have several questions in their minds. And, before going for admissions, it is important for every candidate to acquire complete information about education in Georgia and solve all the queries coming up in your mind. We offer to solve all your queries via our team of experts to answer all your questions and help you develop a beautiful career. We put in our best effort to remove all the doubts from the minds of aspiring students who are looking for medical courses in Georgia. Here is a short question answer which generally solves the queries arising in the minds of the students.

What is the cost of education, food and living in Georgia?

As compared to most of the European countries, the best thing which you like about studying in georgia is that the standard of living, food, and education here is very cheap regardless of the high quality. Moreover, you are not burdened with the expensive tuition fees of the universities. You can acquire a degree at about 30% less cost as compared to the other countries.

What is the admission procedure to apply for any course in Georgia?

In order to apply for any course in Georgia, the student has to contact with the international office of the University which you have chosen. As per the instructions of the international office, you will be required to proceed with application process for your desired course.

What all preparation do you have to do for the courses you apply?

The best thing about the Universities of Georgia is that there is no entrance exam. Your admissions totally depend on the number of vacancies available in different universities along with the marks secured by you at the previous levels.

Is education difficult in Georgia?

No, education is not at all difficult in Georgia. You don’t have to go through extensive tutorial classes. You don’t have to attend any coaching classes. Your education is more practical oriented rather than classroom oriented.

What are the medium of instructions used in the Georgia colleges?

Students need not worry about the medium used for communicating, The universities of Georgia make use of different mediums of instructions which include English, Russian and Georgian. Thus, it is not at all a problem for international students who are looking forward to pursue studies in Georgia. For Indians, as English the internationally accepted language is widely used at colleges in georgia.

What are the different courses offered in the universities of Georgia?

The Georgian Universities offer all programs starting from graduation to post graduation courses and doctorate courses too. Some universities even offer diploma programs too in various disciplines.

How does the Georgia University treat every student equally?

The law of Georgia states that all the students who apply for studies in Georgia should be given equal rights irrespective of their caste, sex and religion. And the Georgian universities work in accordance of the foreign law.

What are the eligibility criteria for admissions?

The admission process is very simple. Once you complete your 12th, you can take admission in the University of Georgia. You just need a medical test and get your documents translated and sit for the Visa interview.

Will I get a good career by pursuing my future education from Georgian Universities?

You can easily go anywhere in the world with the degree from the Georgian Universities. You are liable to get any good positioned job anywhere across the world with the degrees attained at the Georgian University.

Is the information reliable?

Our team of professionals have done their best to ensure that information presented to you is genuine, reliable and up to date. You won’t have any doubt regarding the authenticity of our website.