Xinjiang University

Xinjiang University

Founded in 1924, Xinjiang University (XJU) is the oldest university in Xinjiang, with a wide range of academic disciplines offered at the university. Xinjiang University is recognized nationally as a comprehensive university and is one of the national “211 Project” universities (a system of accreditation for universities) in China. In 2000, XJU was listed as a comprehensive university for further development in the Great West Project of China. In 2004, XJU became a university sponsored by both the MOE and the government of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. With preponderant subjects in regional studies, XJU was chosen as one of project universities of USCO in 2010. XJU has three campuses covering an area of about 730 acres and buildings totaling 1,000,000 square meters.

Geographic Location

XJU boasts for the beautiful environment and is close to the International Bazaar which is one of the Urumqi’s national cultural and business centre. XJU stands between International Business & Trade Base and Western Region International Trade Base. It is also neighboring Bianjiang Hotel and the Bianjiang World Trade Base (centers for trade with Central Asian countries). XJU offers students convenient transportation and living conditions.

Basic Information about Study Options at XJU

1. Academic Disciplines

Xinjiang university is the only university in Xinjiang that offers well-integrated development of multiple disciplines including Philosophy, Economics, Law, History, Sciences, Engineering and Management. XJU provides 80 undergraduate specialty disciplines, 8 master-degree programs and 153 master programs for professionals. Besides, it offers 47 doctorate-programs and 9 workstations for postdoctoral studies.

2. Faculty

Currently, XJU has 2 teaching groups under the state level, 9 teaching groups under the provincial level. We have more than 1664 professional teachers including 204 professors and 599 associate professors. There are 352 teachers with doctoral degrees, 609 with master degrees among faculty in XJU. There are 85 supervisors for the doctorate students and 494 for masters students. At present, XJU has 1 academician of CAE, 35 academic experts have been given a special allowance granted by the national government. 5 experts have been given the title of “National Middle-aged or Young Experts of Outstanding Achievement”, 13 have been honored with the “Regional Award for Distinguished Teachers”, 14 have received the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Regional “Award for Excellent Experts”, 2 have been admitted to the “National Talent Pool Program” and 7 to “New Century Excellent Talent Support Scheme” offered by the Ministry of Education (MOE), 7 distinguished professors and 7 chair professors titled as the “Tianshan Scholar Award Scheme”.

3. The Students and Conditions

Xinjiang University consists of 23 colleges with more than 26,000 students enrolled. Among them are 19,000 undergraduate students, 230 doctoral and 3400 master degree candidates and over 500 overseas students.

XJU possesses advanced teaching and research equipment and facilities such as multimedia classrooms, language labs and experimental high-tech labs. The modern library of XJU has been equipped with advanced facilities and owes a collection of about 2550000 volumes of books, plus more than 30000GB data sources. As well as the university has Gymnasium is a first-class multi-function Gymnasium in Northwest China.

4. Living Conditions

The main campus of Xinjiang University has all kinds of restaurants, supermarkets, bookstores, grocery stores and fruit shops, etc. The campus boasts advanced stadium, play court and gym for play badminton, basketball and other activities. First-class facilities and services are easily available in the new accommodation building for int’l students, which is located center of campus, near the lake, students can fully enjoy themselves in the Chinese and western food restaurants, laundry, kitchen and multi-functional leisure hall. The accommodation is indeed an ideal place for life and study.

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